Jacken Wymark


Jacken Wymark was a vagabond from Rhovanion, travelling with a band of migrating Woodmen throughout the Mirkwood. After the events leading up to the Battle of Five Armies, the Widufireni were displaced, and spend the next several generations as nomads, before meeting their end at the hands of maurading Orcs bearing the White Hand symbol upon their breasts and standards.

Escaping as the sole survivor of the Widufireni, Jacken has spent the last months wandering without purpose.

By chance he has wandered into the Vale of Anduin. One day he awoke to hear someone moving not far away. He lay perfectly still, and saw a tall man dressed in a grey cloak stalk through the woods very near his position. Suddenly, loud noises signalled something coming for the man, and a band of Orcs erupted from the underbrush. After a long, bloody fight, the man had all but defeated the Orcs, when the last managed to plunge his dark blade deep into his throat. The man, incredulous, struck one final blow with his sword, and severed the Orc’s hand from his arm, causing the beast to flee . Bleeding badly, the man fell to his knees as Jacken emerged from his hiding place. The man looked in bewilderment at the youth, but there was nothing to be done for him, and he fell over, dead.

Unsure of what to do, Jacken buried the man, but claimed his effects for himself. This included a fancy-looking blade, a long bow, a knife, and assorted small coins.

Donning the grey cloak, Jacken set forth on new adventures, now satisfied that his new-found belongings would ensure him a night in a bed, and a hot meal.

Jacken Wymark

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