This is a spin-off from our MERP-campaign Rangers of the North and is set at the same time, roughly eight years before the events portrayed in The Lord of the Rings . Rangers started as a prequel campaign to the MERP Second Edition module Palantír Quest. The players are all seasoned veterans, and this whole campaign started because the group wanted to celebrate the fact that it has been 20 years since we started playing MERP, in a campaign that led up to Palantír (published in 1994 – two years into our campaign).

This campaign leads up to the War of the Ring, and fairly low-key and realistic. The story is centered around a group of adventurers in the Vales of Anduin, who hitherto not involved in the greater affairs of the world. Yet their experiences will be coloured by the events from Rangers of the North .

There are two additional spin-offs, entitled Rogues of the Borderlands and Perilous Shores .

Our Campaign Guide (wiki) is compiled from several sources, most I.C.E. supplements like Arnor , but also the LOTR wiki , and maybe most importantly the MERP wiki and Encyclopedia of Arda. A lot has been sourced directly from the books, or simply invented by the GM and group as a whole. We try to list our sources directly in each article, but have not been very consistent with it as of yet. Apologies for that. Much of the material is cut-and-pasted from our other campaign, Rangers of the North.

This is a very open campaign, where the GM and players create the setting and story together. The GM keeps a few things under wraps, but a lot of the information is freely available to the players – players experienced enough to resist from twinkery, and able keep OOC info strictly OOC.



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